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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Top of the Irish afternoon to ya all, from the town of Derry, in northern Ireland.

I got tired of Galway pretty quick, as it seemed to be a bit more rough around the edges than I prefer, so I hopped a bus (6 hours of super twisty Irish roads) to Derry, which is just across the border of divided Ireland. So now I am back on the Great Britain pounds, instead of Euros, and trying to keep all the numbers straight in my head.

This town has quite the history, as this was where Bloody Sunday happened in 1972. I just missed the 33 anniversary by a day or two, and it would have been cool to march in that parade. Oh well, it seems to be a decent, if a little rough city that has the Catholics living on one side of the river and the Protestants living on the other, with only one bridge linking the two sides.

Tomorrow I am off to the little port town of Portsmith, which is an hours train ride from here. I will be going to see the Causeway, pictures of which I will post in time. Then I am in Belfast for three nights (Thur-Sat), then onto Dublin for my last 3 nights (Sun-Tues). Then back to not-at-all-green Kuwait on Wed. Sigh. Oh well, at least it is Feb 1 today and that means only another short 4.5 months until I am back in Canada.

Hope this finds you well and rested. I'm gonna go put my feet up and grab a snack. Cheers!

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