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Sunday, January 25, 2004

There are no guns, no landmines, no broken families in football. There are no refugees. Nor are there political considerations or rebuilding of infrastructure. So why is the metaphor of "its war out there" (there being a field of some game), especially in these unstable times, still considered appropriate? Is the militarization of sports somehow acceptable, perhaps as a way of ensuring the public does not truly understand the severity of war?

Perhaps if the public digests the sporting event through militaristic commentary, the true costs of war become as desensitized, lost in the statistics and eye-catching graphics. If one watched the build up to the current situation in Iraq, it appeared eerily similar to the hype and pomp that precedes the annual Super Bowl. The continued analysis of meaningless sporting events using war-like descriptors is something that is tired at best, disrespectful and misleading at worst.

And now back to CNN....

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