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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Those sixteen minute "pause in the conversation" intervals seemed to occur quite frequently the other night. Just a thought.

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Ok this is kinda cool. Click on the CKUA link I've so thoughtfully provided for you. Then, once you are on their homepage, click on the link that says "CD of the week." Should be a review of Curtis Santiago's new solo album. No need to thank me, I'm aware of how awesome I am.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Nocturnal Audio Flowers

Angry Jay: Well this is a kick in the ass. I had to drop that %$#&*( computer class because I was getting my ass handed to me on a platter. So I got to take a *&$$% spring course before I get the hell out of university.

Optimistic Jay: It's better than getting an F and not fininshing until December. Plus this way you get to save your sanity and enjoy the sunny campus. Plus this course you will be taking is easier and more relevant, so you'll be better off for it.

Angry Jay: You're a sissy, Optimistic Jay. This sucks. It costs me more money, time, and effort. If I wanted to stay at the university forever I would have gotten a job there. But noooo, instead I gotta stay in class for an extra 6 weeks. Dammit.

Optimistic Jay: Now now, name calling is uncalled for. Relax, it's only 6 weeks, 12 classes in all. Whats the big deal? You've been in university for so long, whats another 12 days? Enjoy the last few kicks at the university life, cause soon you'll be in the real world.

Angry Jay: But I wanted to graduate with my brother, and now because I'm a freaking Luddite when it comes to programming, I can't do that. Plus he's gonna be a hoser and rub my face in the fact that he finished before me.

Optimistic Jay: C'mon Angry Jay, you know Jeff will end up in a gutter, drinking wine from a box and quoting bad poems.

Angry Jay: (smiling) Yeah he will. Thats funny.

Optimistic Jay: See, it's all right. And if you get flak from your friends or family, then you can just bide your time until you teach on of their kids or grandkids.

Angry Jay: Man, you are so right Optimistic Jay. Tell you what, I'm sorry. Let's go get Al a subscription to Playgirl. That'll make us laugh.

Optimistic Jay: Yay, man-porn for Al! Wheeeee

And a final few notes....

Note #1- Got into a huge and friendly arguement with Cadrin (good to see ya by the way Cadrin) on Sunday night over the issue of gay marriage. It lasted at least 45 minutes. We weren't even drinking. And Megan yelled at us to shut up. Man it was great. Cadrin's so cool.

Note #2-- It's the end of an era today as Cross has moved into the big city. That means that there is no more representation for the group in Sherwood Park. It's odd to think that the town that we all grew up in is now devoid of our influence. And basically, as important as we we once thought we were, it's plain to see that we have been cyclically replaced by new and different kids. Our old stomping grounds, like going to Mac's and Happy Mart for slushies in the summer, now belong to a new group of kids. And the world that is the Park continues to spin on, getting along just fine without us. Most of us can remember when Cragavon was just a swamp. Or the mall before it got expanded the first time. Or the BMX tracks that used to be across the street from the church, which seemed a long ways away at the time when our bikes only had one gear. Enough nostalgia. But I think it is a point to ponder as we all hit our mid 20s. End of an era.

Listen to Bob Marley. G'night.

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