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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Well, my tirade against the consumer-driven,"me-first" article on the wireless TV sure has got some people talking. Good, thats what I like to see.

Here is an interesting (a little long) read on the involvement of the US government in the overthrow of a democratically elected Chilean leader in the early 1970s. I guess this whole Iraq thing is just another in a long line of US ideological foreign policy.

On the plus side, I landed myself a summer job. Much to my dad's delight, I will be working at Coloniale Golf course for the summer, doing maintenance and other stuff. Not glamourous, but I still gotta pay the bills, and seeing as how teaching won't start (somewhere I hope) until September, I took this job. A weight off of my shoulders and I can golf for free. Mind you, I suck at golf, so maybe I just better stay on the putting green. Or drunk in the clubhouse.

Okay, thats enough for now. I want you to go the next minute without thinking about giraffes. Just try it...

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Friday, March 05, 2004

Video Gamers at the U

I'm walking in SUB this morning, going for the first coffee of the day to help stave off the oncoming caffeine-depletion headache. I pass by the two or three arcade style games that are stationed in SUB, and I notice that there is a guy playing on one of them.

Now, I think it is pretty obvious to anyone who has seen me play video games that I am rather terrible. I'm okay with the fact that I never did complete Mario Brothers 1. It's just not in the cards for me. So be it. It doesn't mean that I dislike them, in fact, as long as I'm not playing them, I really have no problems with them whatsoever.

As I walked past this guy, who was about 24 or so, well dressed Eddie-Bauer style, he looked back over his shoulder, glancing at who was moving around him. It seemed to me that there was a look of guilt on his face, like he knew he shouldn't be doing this. (Mind you, I'm blogging right now, so what does that tell you? But I digress)

It just seems to me that playing arcade games at 945am on a Friday morning is a little odd, so maybe he is justified in looking guilty. I considered yelling "Here comes your mother!" just to see what would happen. I guess he's not hurting anyone, it just seems a little out of place at the U, where people are either socializing or studying. Or, like the hermit I am, doing neither and just trying to avoid human contact.

So live and let live, I suppose. I'm not judging him, just reporting to you a little slice of a day, one of those thousand silent moments that are so easily overlooked as we bustle and hustle. I hope your weekend is full of good music and late sleeps. I'll see ya around...

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

"Rambling man, spinner of yarns."

I read an article in yesterdays paper which talked about a new TV that was just coming to market. It was wireless and light enough for a person to carry around. The article made the note that "Now you only need one TV for the home" & "Never miss a minute of your favorite show."

Jay's Observed Flaws With This Product

1. In a home with the average number of kids (2.7 or whatever) there is no way that you only need one tv. Hell, TV is what raises kids nowadays. And kids/teens are not going to share with their siblings, no matter how well they did in kindergarten. Plus the average parent will not be spending $2500 on just one TV. You can buy 4 tvs for $2500, and that way everyone can be happy. Isolated, but happy.

2. The shows on TV suck. Admit it. The only good stations are CBC Newsworld and maybe Discovery if they are showing something about motorbikes or explosions. Everything else, sitcoms, reality shows, and CNN are pure concocted fantasy. And none of them are really well-written. Except for Trailer Park Boys, that show rules.
But aside from the few and far between good programs, I'm pretty sure I don't need a TV that I can carry to the bathroom in an effort not to miss a minute of The Apprentice. If I need stuff to carry around the home, I'll just ask Megan, she always has some boxes of books that need to be carted around.

3. In a year or two the costs will drop significantly and no one except the truly hollow will care that "you had it first." Do my dad's friends remember if he had the first 8-track player on the block? No. So if you really need it, just wait, otherwise you look like a vain and stupid person who has more money than brains.

So, in conclusion, this is yet another product that is overpriced, unnecessary for most, and marketed at the idiots out there that think carrying (and dropping, perhaps) an expensive TV is the way to find true happiness. Although, maybe if people are carrying this TV around the house, we can combat the couch potato epedemic. Nah, people will just end up putting it in the living rooms and sitting there. It's not like they are gonna start running the stairs in the home while watching TV.

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Monday, March 01, 2004

Well, if angels sing, they must sond like Alison Krauss. Wow.

I also updated some of the links for you. I love me too.

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Well here we are again, embroilled in another Monday. I'm at skool right now, procrastinating as usual. Life was pretty good this weekend, me and the old man went to the car show on Sunday, which was pretty good. Lots of cars that I cannot afford, but it's free to dream. Until the Dream Police start charging user fees.

Man oh man, is the month of March ever gonna be fun. And by fun, I mean painful and busy. Stupid classes, just let me go through the motions. It's funny, it feels like the plane has landed, but all the people have crowded into the aisle. So I get to sit, waiting for the rush to die down, and then I can de-plane. It has been a long plane ride.

Another radio station that might be of interest to those of you trying to avoid radio wasteland. I haven't listened to it yet, but it looks solid. Out of Austin, Texas, which is one of the last stands for independent music. You can check it out here and listen online. Save your musical soul.

Haiti is wrecked. Poorest country in the Western hemisphere and it has bascially been in some form of turmoil for the past 200 years that it has been independent. It's nice to talk about democracy taking hold, but if generations upon generations of people have never known peace, it is rather unreal to expect that they will get out of the cycle of violence in ten short years.

Oh, I also noticed that the CBC, who I usually trust, used 10 year old footage of Haiti, including tape of the US Marines landing. I noticed it because I had watched a documentary a week or so ago, where the same footage was used when discussing the 1994 re-installment of Aristide. So for that, I shame the CBC. For shame CBC. You gots ta keep yer head up, as 2Pac said, in this crazy world.

Okay thats enough, I gotta get some work done today.

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