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Friday, January 23, 2004

You know what I'm pissed about? I'm sitting in my "History of South America" class, learning about how the Spanish basically rolled into the Incan empire, and the clash that came about from the introduction of two unrelated cultures. And I think to myself that perhaps in this world of GPS gadgets, OnStar, Lonely Planet, and ergonomic backpacks, we are truly missing the novelty and romance that came with the unknown horizon.

Think about it. Until the early 1900s, humanity had the opportunity to still chart new land, much as it has been since time immortal. But now, as we map down to the inch, we perhaps have lost something that was never truly explicitly valued, the ability to explore the unknown.

Its just a thought, but with this lack of opportunity to explore the unknown, we are stagnating. I could go on to yap and bitch about how Western civilization is slowly crumbling into ashes, but I'll just leave it with the fact that I can fly halfway around the world, to Nepal, read the aeroport signage, climb into a cab and continue on to my pre-booked (via the internet) hotel room, where if I wish, I can order a hamburger from room service. Sure it's easy and hassle free, but it's soul-less and empty. I know what to expect, for the most part. No surprises that I could have at least read about beforehand.

Cheers to the weekend, did you make someone's life better this week?

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

OK, ok I know its been a while since the last blog, but I have my excuses. Firstly, this week I had to smooze at the Education career fair, organize and send out application packages, run two workshops in two days, work my regular shift, procrastinate on my schoolwork, take Megan out for dinner and a movie on Saturday, and a few extra consultations with students who apparently have yet to understand how to write a decent cover letter. So it's been more than a few 12 hour days at the old U of A. So cut me some slack.

Thanks for the comment "Linz." This mysterious Linz is a true blog supporter, right from day 1. As they say in the hood, "Big props to L- to-the -izzy." Man, I'm so down.

On the upswing is the offer from my boss at CaPS to buy beer tomorrow, so I suggested that she bring a backup visa or mastercard.

I haven't read any newspapers in the last week, so if something dumb has happened, like , oh I dunno, say Mr. Bush announced he was invading Canada for our oil and minerals (Todds original idea) then I haven't heard.

Freezing rain tonight. What the hell is this, rain in January? I'm sure it has nothing to do with climate change, as apparently that doesn't affect ole Alberta. Okay, enough politics.

I have to go study now. Sigh.

Hope all is well, cheers until next tiime

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