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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Another long day, but Van Morrison is on CKUA, and man, can he ever sing. Sometimes, when the time is right, some songs just hit you as perfect.

Now they are playing Bob Marley. Whee, music rules!

Just finished my resume, altho I'm sure it will get tweaked down the road. But for now, it's close, and I'm okay with that.

Went and did a workshop in Red Deer today, which went well, altho I missed two of my classes. But thats okay, as I am currently all about the bling-bling. Plus, I'll catch up, so its all good.

I talked with my co-presenter, who is of Middle Eastern descent, altho she was born and raised in Canada. We chatted about the post- Sept 11 security measures, or if you prefer the more direct term, racial profiling. It was interesting to hear some of the experiences her family has had while travelling through the US, especially her husband, who has a citizenship in one of the Middle Eastern countries. Sad to say, she doesn't expect it to get better soon. Nor do I, but it's easier for me to stomach, I suspect.

Its just skin people. Get past it. God damn, we are nothing more than glorified monkeys.

Okay, enough with the politics. Long day tomorrow, so I'm off to snooze. Take care of yourselves and make the world a better place.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

What can I say? I thought that life would calm down in the last couple of days, but nooo, all these damn Education students leave things until the last minute, causing massive chaos at Caps.

I am off to Red Deer tomorrow to do a workshop for the U of A's "outreach" Education program at the local college. Ought to be fun, especially with the freezin rain we've had lately.

Time magazine put a collage of US soliders on the front of their "Man of the Year" issue. Macleans magazine picked Stephen Lewis for their man of the year issue. The difference between the countries is that while the US solider is a star in the States, Mr. Lewis isa typical Canadian quietly fighting AIDS/HIV in Africa, without a huge budget, but instead with a lot of straight, no BS talk.

There was a letter to the Macleans editor that said something along the line that despite the fact that we do have the money, the technology and the know-how to help the Aids issues in Africa, we are lacking the political will. And that quote struck me as a total truth. We could help stop the pandemic in Africa, but somewhere between wishful, leftist thinking and bottom line dollar signs, it becomes okay to see a tripling in the number of kids under 15 with the HIV virus.

Starting to get a picture of how our future generations will fill their history books? I don't think we are gonna been viewed as well as we would prefer.

Gloom and doom, it's what I do best....

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Monday, January 12, 2004


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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Holy shazbot, I just loaded my semester sked and it is looking super busy. I need some of those trucker pills that keep you up forever. (I am not alluding to crystal meth)

Got teaching stuff done today, as I am almost ready to start begging for jobs. Lots of driving around, but soon I can watch Simpsons, so I'm feeling less bitter. But man, were there ever a lot of stupid people out and about today. So much rage, so little time.

I dunno, I still think Pete Rose should not go to the Hall of Fame. It does specify that to get into the Hall, the player must be of "good moral character" and something about upholding the purity of the game, which Rose certainly did not do. I'm waiting for the commissioner of major league ball to call me, then I'll make my feelings known.

Aside from that little rant, I'm not too cheezed about anything specific right now. So I'll sign off, with the assumption that you'll be checking some of the links I set up. Cause being productive sucks.


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