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Monday, January 17, 2005

I know I lied. I said Friday and now it is Monday morning and I am just getting around to posting a new blog. My sympathies run oh-so shallow.

A list of books I have read since Christmas:
The Catcher in the Rye
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Surfacing and Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood
The Alchemist
The Time Machine & The Invisible Man by HG Wells

Not a lot to do in dusty ole Kuwait. Actually, the past weekend was busy, as I have landed a potentially lucrative part-time job editing university papers. We'll see, but it looks promising. Then I went to the Hilton a few times, as well as managing to get all my exams marked and final grades submitted on time. So it was a productive weekend, which was good as it helped to stave off the cabin fever.

Only about 75 hours until I see Meg in London. The plan is to meet at the duty-free booze counter, which I thought kinda killed two birds with one stone. Actually, to listen to me talk, it sounds like all I am gonna do is drink, pass out, recover, and drink some more. I wil be having a few pints, but I don't want to experience the UK through a haze of hangovers, so I'll probably take it relatively easy. Shut it, Jeff.

And it should be noted, that January 17 is the 8th anniversary of the day I, "Smooth" Jay, asked Marvellous Megan, if I could refer to her as my girlfriend. Yes, ladies and gents, I am no Don Juan, but somehow she agreed and I've managed to fool her for the last 8 years into thinking that I'm worth keeping around. And even though this year has been hard, there is no one else in this world that I love and treasure more than her. Thanks Meg.

Ok, enough sappy stuff, I don't want to make Cross cry at work, moreso then he already does. Oh hey, whats the deal with everyone working at Epcor? Lindsay, Chantelle, and Cross are all part of the faceless corporation now, so what's up with that? It's like some kind of bad sci-fi blob movie, where eventually the blob grows and grows until you can't escape it and are forced to merge with it. Ewww, that is a little too close for comfort, especially with Cross involved. I'd just bet that blob has a really really hairy back. Double ewww.

On the political front, the solider that was accused of being the ringleader in the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal was sentenced to 10 years in jail. His defense included the memorable comparing of the naked prisoner pyramid to a cheerleading squad, and the subsequent questioning of why it should be seen as any different. They should tack on another 10 years just for putting forth the weakest, most lame-ass defense I have ever heard. But the buck seems to be stopping at him, instead of climbing up the ladder of power and landing at Rumsfield's feet, which is where it ought to be.

And, the other day, the US formally (and quietly) ended the search for WMD in Iraq. My question is this: "Why were they even still looking?" It was pretty damn obvious that the whole scheme for going to war was built on a house of sand and that they were never going to find any WMD. The rhetoric has shifted from "WMD! WMD!" to "Freedom and democracy." I dunno about you, but it seems to me that freedom and democracy are a lot more subjective and gray in colour than a nuclear weapon. Thus, this new agruement/defense for going to war will be a lot easier to sell to the public, as it does not require a 'solid' proof, as WMD would have.

Ok folks, I think that is going to be it for posts of any substance until after Jay's Euro-Adventure. I will try to do a few as I go along, just to keep ya loyal, but I make no promises. The plans are as follows:

Jan 20-25- London with Meg
Jan 25-31- Dublin/Cork/Galway/Doolin with Ma & Pa
Feb 1-9- ????? as Jay roams around either Ireland or Scotland or England (or all 3) by himself

So I hope that you will all come back in time to your favorite little pitstop on the old internet. I will be posting pictures when I get back, so stay tuned for those. Good luck to Cadrin as he departs for down under to chase roos. And to the rest of you, adieu.

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