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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Dammit all to hell part 2

I was surfing around the interweb the other night, when I came across a story that was printed March 17 in the Dallas Sentinel, one of the leading daily newspapers in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I had to read it twice, because never before did I think that political correctness would ever take us this far.

Turns out that a local group of African Americans have taken issue with the term black pepper. Yes, the kind of pepper that you put on various foods to spice them up a little. It seems that using the term black to identify this pepper is seen by this citizens group as derogatory to African Americans.

The group was represented by Taniia Duma, who said: The use of the term black to describe this pepper is inaccurate at best, racist at worst. Firstly the pepper is gray and the by calling it black pepper, you are degrading all black people. Secondly, the term pepper, during times of slavery, was a term used to identify black slaves who were sold to hide pregnancies where the white landowner was the father. It is repulsive that we still have such terms in use today.

Now I am all for equality, but this group may have bitten off more than it can chew. I mean, they are attempting to change a rather miniscule part of life for all of North America. It would be like me trying to get people to call red heads quasi-blonds. I can rant and rave all I want, but besides wasting my 15 minutes of fame, I will not make a difference.

But this apparently has not occurred to Duma, or her flock of followers, all of whom have way too much time on their hands. Some things just are not worth the time. You can check out the story here and I hope that whatever you do with your life, you do not end up wasting it like these people.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

"I am moved more and more by what I see around me...the poverty of my own country, of Latin America and other countries of the world; I have seen with my own eyes memorials to the Jews in Warsaw, the panic caused by the bomb, the disintegration that war causes to human beings and all that is born of them...But i have also seen what love can do, what strength of a person who is happy can achieve. Because of all this, and because above all I desire peace, I need the wood and strings of my guitar to give vent to sadness or happiness, some verse which opens up the heart like a wound, some line which helps us all to turn from inside ourselves to look out and see the world with new eyes." -Victor Jara

I think I've found a new hero.....

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Dammit all to hell!

Well it is not often that I have contempt for an entire class, but in this case, I do. My English 299 (Essay Writing for Education Students) class seems to possess the lowest of the low, save for me. I actually had someone in the class ask what the difference is between "separate" and "public" schools is.

I looked at her with a mixture of disbelief and fury. Hello? Did you get hit with a shovel? Is that why you are so dumb? Your gonna teach the future of our society? I got here at 8am on a Monday to hear you talk?

I mean, seriously, what the hell? I've been saying it for a while now, that the Education faculty ought to have interviews, like Physio or Law, to ensure the small potatoes don't get in. You can have all the book smarts and high GPA in the world; it's no insurance that you won't still act like an idiot. And it's not like this is a one-time thing, as moronic comments seem to be the rule, rather that the exception.

All that being said, I haven't gotten anything less than A- in this class I was required to take. I suppose thats a mixture of my amazing writing skillz (clap clap), the fact that I've written hundreds of essays, as well as the fact that my competition seems to swim from the rather shallow end of the gene puddle.

Bah! I'll just try to make it to next Wednesday. Then I'll stand up, look down upon the peons, laugh a merry laugh, and proceed to tell them that if they ever get hired by any school division, they simply must let me know so that I can quit the profession.

I've fixed the "Loser of the Week" link, as the story had been taken down. I've now changed it to "Sigh" which will feature a weekly story of how stupid humanity is. I don't yet have a picture of my English 299 class, but I'm working on it.

I also passed by a man in HUB mall today who was handing out free bibles. Now I know what you're all thinking: "No Jay, don't antagonize the All Mighty. You don't need a lightening bolt up your hoo-hoo."

I assure you, I would never tempt a being who can be so cruel as to create the duck-billed platypus. And it's been well-documented that I tend to attract religious zealots like a dogs to a fire hydrant. But as I was walking by this man who was offering free bibles to anyone interested, I thought to myself: "What if I just grabbed a bible and started sprinting like mad, yelling and screaming, looking over my shoulder as my heels hit me in the ass?" Would he chase me? Call security? I could always claim that I was late for class, thus the sprinting. They're free right? So if I take one at walking pace or in a full-out, running from the cops sprint, it really shouldn't matter, right? Plus he was rather old, so I figured I could probably outrun him if he started chasing me. But then again, if he did catch me, that would be rather embarassing, especially if he cracked open that bible and started to pray for me. I think if that happened, I'd probably just start talking in tongues, just to spice it up.

Man I'm in some sort of mood tonight, eh? Eh? I'm Canadian, eh, pass me another pint of maple syrup and cook up another beaver on the winter bar-b-q. And for god's sake, get that f**king dog off my chesterfield.

Hope I made ya smile. Cheers.

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