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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hey all, thanks so much for all the positve comments about the wedding/'Man is Jay ever smooth!' comments, they are appreciated. Megan and I said good bye in London, again starting to count the days until I return to Canada. That was hard but we have a lot to focus on now, so that oughta help the days go by. We are both super happy and looking forward to the next step in our lives. It has been a long time coming, but better late than never.

I am in Doolin, Ireland right now, after havinmg spent a couple of days in Dublin (awesome) and Cork. Also went to the town that my grandmother was raised in, just outside of Cork. Went to the Blarney Castle, altho I didn't kiss the stone, mainly because lots of other people have and thats too gross for me. One of those people was Lindsay, so that was even more of a reason not to. Just kidding Lindsay, I can't wait to come back to Canada and make out with you. You too Ryan!

Saw the Cliffs of Moher yesterday and they were awesome. Then Jeff (who snuck on to the plane with my parents as my Xmas gift) and I got pretty drunk in the Doolin pub. My folks and Jeff are back to Canada tomorrow and I am heading up into the northwest part of Ireland, eventually over to Belfast. I think I'll be in Galway for a night or two and then mosey along.

Doolin is beautiful, a small village of 800 people right on the Atlantic. I cannot stress how much I appreciate the greens of Ireland after the sands of Kuwait. Going back to Kuwait is gonna suck, but I got another 8-10 days in Ireland before I head back, so I am gonna enjoy them, as I will be totally on my own, going wherever I please. So that is the plan, or somewhat of one, for now. I hope this finds you all well and keeping warm. Thanks again for all the comments and good cheer to you all.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hello from jolly ole England. Just a post to mention that Megan and I are now engaged, as I popped the question just outside Buckingham Palace. We are both really excited and looking forward to a planned wedding in either late 2005 or early 2006, depending on our schedules. So that is the big news. My mom cried, but we all expected that. So overall it has been a really great trip and the future is looking pretty bright. Pass it along and hope this finds you all well.

Jay & Megan

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