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Saturday, February 07, 2004

"We're really happy with who we are right now" -- Moneen

I'm multi-tasking right now on an otherwise lame Saturday night, as I watch "Play" with Jian Gomeshi on CBC Newsworld and update my sporadic blog. And I think to myself that in this oversaturated TV world that pretty much produces nothing but 100% low-brow crap (The Simple Life, Survivor All-stars etc), CBC still manages to make one think about how this little water-blue planet continues to spin on through the cosmos.

Today on "Play" Jian talked to a 25 year veteran of the anti-nuclear movement and profiled a documentary called "Discordia", which examines the riots and chaos that surrounded the Israeli-Palestine tensions an Concordia University in Montreal in 2002. The documentary is due to tour Canadian universities starting in March. Step away from the idiots on your boob toob and check it.

New CDs o' the week:

Joe Strummer & the Mescalaros Streetcore
Hands down one of the best albums I have heard in years. Acoustic old school punk from one of the masters, with a tip of the hat to the new electronic/overdub sounds. A beautiful tribute to Mr. Strummer, who passed away far too young last year.

Ryan Adams Rock N Roll
Ryan has been taking some slack lately for being too prolific, as he tends to release an album a year, if not two. But he continues to write good music, altho this album is quite removed from his earlier alt-country roots. But a good buy nonethless.

Quirky TV show of the week: Corner Gas on CTV. A comedic little examination of small town Sask life, revolving around a little gas station and the characters within. I think its either on Wed or Thurs at 9pm.

And I dream of writing, just writing...

"And sometimes, when their guard shimmers for a second, you see people for who they truly are." --- J. Archibald

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Monday, February 02, 2004

44 Things that will Piss Jay Off in February
1. Computers 101
2. Mushrooms in my food
3. Commercial country music
4. No show consultations
5. Midterms
6. The end of reading week
7. My frozen truck
8. First year students
9. Looking for work
10. Jeff
11. Paperwork
12. Self reflection forms
13. Dead batteries
14. Fogged glasses
15. Cancelled 8am classes
16. Dog poo on the sidewalk
17. My bank account
18. Empty conversations
19. Shaving
20. Valentines Day
21. Messy apartments
22. Overheated classrooms
23. Gronks who sit next to me
24. Janet Jacksons boob
25. Justin Timberlake
26. Trading Spaces
27. Survivor All-Stars
28. People in general
29. Leap year
30. Visa bill
31. Bush II
32. Decisions to be made
33. People bitching about the weather
34. Icy sidewalks and pulled groins
35. The Conservative Party of Canada
36. Homophobia
37. Smelly socks
38. Newspaper boxes that steal my dimes
39. Ill-advised, emotion-driven rants
40. My sore back
41. Taggert's life
42. Political rhetoric
43. IKEA
44. This blog

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